The Reason for Vietnam’s Success?


Interview with Nguyen Phuoc Trung, General Secretary, Vietnam Chess Federation at the ASEAN+ Age Group Chess Championships in Singapore

1. Congratulations on the big success of Vietnam at the 16th ASEAN+ Age Group Championships 2015. You came with the largest contingent – and took home the bulk of the medals. To what do you attribute Vietnam’s success?

Thanks for your care about the improvement of chess in Vietnam. I think this success is not only for the Vietnam Chess Federation but also for the improvement of chess in the Asean region. As you can see, at this tournament,not only Vietnam but every Asean country participating such as Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc. also have better achievements than in previous years.

2. The ASEAN+ was held for the first time in Vietnam and you have been perennial overall champions. How important is this event  to you and what are you preparations for it?

This tournament is the great opportunity for all Asean players to practice and improve their experience for bigger competitions. Thanks to this championship, many players have grown up and become strong players such as Le Quang Liem, Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, So Wesley, Irene Sukandar etc.. It’s why we consider this tournament as one of the most important event each years, and for that reason, all players from Vietnam always practice to join this tournament with our best condition.

3. Since Vietnam entered competitions on the international stage your players have enjoyed great success and are in that group of countries in Asia just behind China and India. Everyone also knows about Le Quang Liem but you also have many other very strong grandmasters, amongst them Nguyen Ngoc Trung Son, and your women players have competed in the World Team Championship. Why is Vietnam so successful and what have you done right?

The success of Vietnam is coming from the wise development of chess in society and increasing number of players. We join this tournament with great number of participants, this always helps us to improve by getting experience for all our players of in every age group category.

4. The HB Bank Cup is now beginning to be recognised as one if the best Open tournaments in Asia with a big prize fund and excellent conditions. How important is this tournament to Vietnam chess?

The HDBank International open chess tournament helps Vietnam and also regional players to practice with strong players from all over the world.

5. How do you see the future direction of Vietnam chess and what are you priorities and plans?

I believe that either the chess of Vietnam and Asean will continue improving. Vietnam is and always be a great member of Asean Chess Confederation for the improvement of chess.

6. Thank you for your time to take the trouble to answer our questions. We wish you and Vietnam chess every success.

Thank you very much.

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