2016 ACC Emergency Meeting, Singapore

Summary of Discussions during Emergency ACC Board Meeting Held on 13 February 2016, Singapore
1. Mr. Panupand Vijjuprabha Secretary General
2. Mr. Maung Maung Lwin Vice President
3. Mr. Red Dumuk Deputy Secretary General
4. Mr. Dang Tat Thang Vice President
5. Mr. Ignatius Leong In attendance
Agenda 1. Adoption of Emergency Board Meeting dated 10th October 2015.
Mr. Maung Maung Lwin chaired the Meeting. Mr. Red Dumuk proposed to adopt the Minutes of
Meeting of Emergency ACC Board Meeting held on 13th February 2016. Mr. Dang seconded.
Mr. Maung Maung Lwin also informed the Board that Mr. Adianto Utut wished to step down as the
Acting President and Mr Pichay would assume the post instead. Also, Mr. Leong, after the sanction
by FIDE, would no longer hold any position in the ACC.
Agenda 2. Sanctions on Mr. Tony Tan
After discussions by Board Members, it was agreed that the ACC’s sanction on Mr. Tony Tan shall
stand. The Meeting wanted to make it clear that the point of Mr. Tony Tan’s ban was about his
inappropriate behaviour against the two young players, which was totally unacceptable, and not
mainly because of his reactions against the Philippine coach.
Agenda 3. Sanctions on SCF Exco
The Meeting was informed by the Chairman of the Meeting that FIDE decided to sanction ACC and
more or less suspending the ACC from its membership as was the resolution of the Presidential
Board of FIDE. The Chairman also stated that even the SCF suspended Mr. Tony Tan for two weeks
for his wrongdoing during the ASEAN Age Group in Singapore, Mr. Tony Tan still was in active chess
activities during the so-called two weeks suspension by SCF. The decision of ACC on sanctioning the
SCF Exco arose because it failed to take action earlier as demanded by the ACC.
Although FIDE sent three emails to the Acting President of ACC, Mr. Adianto Utut, in late November
asking for a clarification on the sanction of SCF Exco, it was not an issue to be decided by the
President alone and it needed ACC’s Board decision and formal reply, and to hold an ACC meeting
would not be easy and in time for the period given by FIDE.
The Chairman asked the Meeting to discuss about the sanction on ACC by FIDE that whether ACC
should lift the sanctions or stand firm on its previous decision of the sanctions on SCF Exco. After
consideration, the Meeting agreed that ACC shall stand on its decision despite FIDE’s sanction.
Agenda 4. Letter to SCF Relating to the above two Sanctions
The Chairman stated to the Meeting that ACC had sent a reply letter to SCF, informing and
explaining the reasons of the sanctions on both Mr. Tony Tan and the SCF Exco. And the SCF sent a
reply saying that it disagreed and would appeal to FIDE, which eventually leading to FIDE’s
suspension on ACC.
The Meeting discussed the issue and agreed that what ACC did was proper and ACC would continue
its operations and activities despite the suspension by FIDE.
Agenda 5. Re-Appointment of Management Board of ACC
The Meeting resolved that Mr. Pichay would replace Mr. Adianto Utut as the President of ACC until
Agenda 6. Suspension of ACC by FIDE
As discussed during the Agenda 4, the Chairman of the Meeting asked the Meeting about the
consequences of the FIDE ban on ACC. The Meeting decided that ACC would not lift the santions on
Mr. Tony Tan and the SCF Exco, and ACC would go on operating its activities, including the AAG+
Tournament, regardless of the direct titles and norms being revoked by FIDE.
Agenda 7. 17th AAG+ Tournament 2016
The Chairman asked the Meeting to discuss about the 17th AAG+ to be held in Pattaya, Thailand,
during 29th May – 7th April 2016 after the suspension of ACC by FIDE. The Meeting considered the
pros and cons and decided that the tournament would still be held, even if without the direct titles
and norms could be awarded, and even if the tournament would not be FIDE rated.
Also, the name of the Tournament would be changed to 17th ASEAN+ Age Group Open Chess
Championships 2016, whereby players could apply to play directly and not necessarily through their
chess federations. The reasons were that the tournament proved to be a major event and players
cared for the actual play and not so much for the direct titles, norms, and rating.
The Meeting resolved that the 17th ASEAN+ Age Group Open Chess Championships 2016 be held in
Pattaya, Thailand, and asked that Thailand Chess Association apply for the tournament registration
and publication with FIDE as soon as possible.
Agenda 8. ACC Secretariat
The appointment of ACA as ACC Secretariat from 01 March 2016 to 31 July 2018 was agreed upon in
principle. Mr Pichay shall sign the contract on behalf of ACC.
Agenda 9. Other Matters
The Chairman stated to the Meeting that the Constitution of ACC should be revised, and proposed
that it be incorporated as a legal private entity so as to avoid interferences from the outsiders.
The Meeting agreed that the revision of the Constitution and the ASEAN Para Games Chess
Confederation be decided by the General Board Meeting in Pattaya as well.
As there were no other matters to be discussed, the Chairman adjourned the Meeting at 12.30
Recorded by:
Mr. Panupand Vijjuprabha, SG of ACC
Mr. Red Dumuk, Deputy SG of ACC