Q&A: NTU Hostel Facilities


  1. Is the hostel room air-conditioned and is there a personal bathroom?

The room is air-conditioned with no personal bathroom. You have to use the common toilet with shower facilities on each floor. The male and female toilets cum shower are on separate floors. You also have to bring your own shampoo, shower gel and hair dryer.  The heater in the toilet can only be used from 6am to 10am and 6pm to 2am.

  1. Are pillows, blankets and bedsheets provided?

Yes, all these items are provided.

  1. Are there clothes hangers in the cupboards?

No. Please bring your own. 


  1. Are towels provided and will there be anyone cleaning the room?

Towels are not provided. The rooms will not be made up or cleaned for the duration of the competition to ensure safety of personal effects.


  1. Is there a washing machine and clothes dryer?

Yes, every hostel hall has a pantry and laundry room with coin-operated washing machine and dryer. Please bring your own laundry powder.

  1. Is there internet connection available in each room?

Yes, internet is available but you have to bring your own connection cables.  

  1. How far is the hostel or dining hall from the playing hall?

About 5 to 10 minutes by foot. You can also make use of the free internal shuttle bus services to move around the campus.

  1. Do I need to bring a voltage converter or transformer?

Singapore’s electricity socket is the Type G British BS-1363 type and the electrical supply is between 220 and 240 volts. You will need only a travel plug adapter if the voltage of your electrical device matches that of Singapore. Otherwise, please bring a voltage converter or transformer too.

  1. Is the tap water fit for drinking?

Yes, the tap water is safe for drinking without boiling.


  1. Is there a supermarket or convenience store near the playing hall? How about a medical centre?

There is a convenience store (called Cheers) in front of the Nanyang Executive Centre and within walking distance from the playing hall.  There is also a medical centre within the NTU campus. In the event that medical assistance is required, please get in touch with the organisers first.

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